R29 Bespoke

Designing custom editorial experiences for partners and consumers on refinery29.com.



After establishing a robust platform for r29.com, the product team had more freedom to support personalized editorial experiences. The company had developed a strong video and content strategy with a multitude of partners, which also deserved to be adequately showcased to users. These are a few of those projects.


R29’s stab at immersive, multi-media articles to support more exclusive, immersive features.

Elections 2016

Coverage and relevant information for the female electorate as relevant to 2016’s elections.

Music Tracker

R29’s initiative to present content and trends as witnessed in music festivals through North America.

Gift Curator

An annual holiday-turned-all-occasion tool that helps users find great gift options.


2016 Elections

In one of the most defining elections of our lifetime, R29’s editorial team decided to tell the story based on values as reflected by women. In partnership with ABC News, the editorial team conducted surveys and group studies to produce key data which was then synthesized into this immersive electoral digital experience.


Editorial and Statistic coverage of the 2016 elections.


Music Tracker

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Festival Tracker provided a simple tool for users to choose from a variety of products based on a single variable.


Mobile Experiences

Understanding of mobile design and UX is an integral part of telling any story. Even the smallest of experiences was carefully crafted to cater to this ethos and audience.


Gift Curator

After engaging in a couple of steps, and through an illustration-driven interface, a user was provided with suggestions for curated gift options for the holidays.


Partnership-based Product Design

The reality of media companies and content is one that must exist in the relationship between platform, user, and partners. Editorial and media platforms need not only dedicated teams to produce this content, but must design their platforms and tools with the scalability that will allow them to create content in this way.

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Mobile Experiences

The goal with these products is simple: build fast and reuse. In order for a product to achieve the proper return of investment, it must be customizable enough to stand as a unique product of its own each time.

Product teams (design + engineers + producers + product managers) benefit from structuring their teams and products in such a way that allows teams outside of the product org. to easily and readily present these options to potential partners.


Credits: Natalia Grosner, Art Director/ Kate Titus, Art Direction / Isabel Castillo-Guijarro, Design / Abbie Winters, Illustration / Dan Maffei, Producer / Ebby Amir, Creative Technologist / Aziz Hasan, Product / Lee Misenheimer, Prototype




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