Galeria Rosa

Opening a screen printing studio and pop-up gallery in Bangkok to showcase emerging artists.




Galeria Rosa is born in 2018 as an exhibition space and screenprinting studio located in the heart of Bangkok’s Creative District, Charoen Krung, where it set up as a pop-up for the first year. The gallery curates a select group of artists to collaborate on prints and exhibitions, with the goal to display and publish emerging talent in limited editions. In 2019 Galeria Rosa relocates to Mexico, where it will continue to publish new work. Prints will be available for purchase online.


Behind the Name

The gallery nods to the often feminine association to the color rose, or rosa in Spanish —the founder’s native language. It intends to portray femininity as gender neutral, redefined, and adopted by male and female artists alike. Similarly, rosa was chosen for the many ties it has to Mexican culture, such as rosa Mexicano and the Virgen de Guadalupe. The symbolism attributed to a rose is often one of promise, hope, and new beginnings.



Detail,  Lush  by Pui Yan Fong.

Detail, Lush by Pui Yan Fong.

Gallery embossing on  Lush .

Gallery embossing on Lush.

Detail,  Pop  by Pui Yan Fong.

Detail, Pop by Pui Yan Fong.


Summer by Pui Yan Fong

For the inaugural exhibition, Galeria Rosa presented a series designed by artist and illustrator Pui Yan Fong. Pui Yan (better known as PY) is a Toronto-based illustrator from Hong Kong. Upon completing her training at Ringling College, her artwork has been seen in The Boston Globe, Johns Hopkins Health Review, TED Fellows, American Illustration and The Society of Illustrators.

Her bright and playful compositions feature flat graphic shapes with lines carving out details. Her art ranges from conceptual to whimsical and sentimental. As an avid sports aficionado, PY frequently creates illustrations around this narrative. Some of her athlete illustrations can be seen on the walls of the Jordan Store in Toronto.


Other gallery collaborations include work by artists such as: Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy, Jeff Ross, Ricardo González (itsaliving), Miguel Reyes, Greg Gazdowicz, Ray Masaki, Juan Villanueva, and Javier Viramontes.


Credits: Pui Yan Fong, Illustrator